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View from the canyon


70 JD per person.
50JD per person for groups of 2+ people

Although we offer shorter tours, the perfect day tour generally consists on 8 hours, which will give yo the right amount of time to see the different places sights in Wadi Rum. 

In our tours, we first sit down and enjoy a nice cup of tea. Then we jum into the 4x4 and start our journey across the ancient mountain walls of the desert. We will see ancient carvings, meet with bedouin nomads and watch the desert slowly change its hue. 

Throughout the tour, you will have plenty of time to do small hikes around the area and gaze into the desert silence

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Camel Rides: the cherry on top of your Wadi Rum Adventure

Wadi Rum would not be Wadi Rum if it wasn't for the camels! Hop on a ride on the most ancient companion the beduoins have had. Camels have been essential for bedouin culture as means of transportation for centuries, and they still are today. 

Although a camel ride is the perfect add-on to your experience, believe it or not, riding a camel is not as comfortable as it looks, which is why, for the sake of your muscles, we don't recommend tours longer than 2 hours


15 JOD -30 Mins

20 JOD- 1 HR

25 JOD- 2 HR

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